In a changing world and market one is always dealing with fear & curiosity over what to do next. What seems like necessary company structure and process actually stifle innovation and seeing an issue with fresh eyes.

“You miss 100% of the shots you never take” - WAYNE GRETSKY, ice hockey’s all time top goal scorer.

When asked why he’d scored the highest ratio of goals to games of any player, GRETSKY added ….

“I’ve never skated to where the puck is. I’ve always skated to where it is going to be”

In any sport there is a fixed time to play. Yet, somehow, certain players are prolific goal scorers. Others work as hard and sometimes harder, but never seem to get the same results. There are reasons why this occurs among winning brands and businesses. Maverick Planet facilitates the circumstances of the best launch or pitch thinking.  When a launch, a pitch, or a crucial presentation occur solution drives the process. Bigger ideas come out, people are braver and teams work together. There can be more change in 2 months than in the previous 2 years. Maverick Planet looks to engage these differences more frequently for an organisation and its solutions. In the process it saves time, improves integration and generates bigger ideas.

Definition of a Maverick Planet

The planet Uranus

A maverick planet doesn’t conform to its predicted behaviour or orbit.

Uranus is the most infamous maverick planet. Uranus is tilted on its side during its orbital cycle. The remaining planets are straight up and down! Neptune and the recently discovered (1971) minor planet of Charon are also described as maverick. Maverick planets disrupt the expected patterns of the universe. Astrologists enthuse about the effects of maverick planets in releasing creativity and breaking out of habitual behaviours…..

“Uranus in your star chart denotes forming a friendship with your creative side. It gives you the freedom to go beyond societal and peer pressure. It can symbolise the transformational growth in the creative process through expressing unique consciousness.”….. “Charon is the maverick planet that introduces healing, learning, questing, turning points, wholeness, synergy and wise teaching”.