Re-training in techniques in change thinking

The techniques that Maverick Planet uses in its work can also be taught to individuals and organisations. The concept of facilitation – as a method of structuring a business, the solution process on a project, or the personal development of management is largely untaught in the academic environment or in business. It is a skill that enhances ideas, productivity, company morale and team building. Maverick Planet runs regular courses on strategic and comms planning through facilitation, or bespoke training programmes/workshops linked to the resolution of practical projects. As a Myers Briggs personality profiling practitioner these workshops can also be linked to the personal development of staff or the team – aswell as the project solution. Maverick Planet has carried out training for Google, CBS, Dennis Publishing, Reckitt Benckiser, The Institute of Marketing in Denmark, Sky and numerous agencies.

“Brain on a stick. Never short of an insight and actionable route maps to glory for marketers and media companies alike. Luckily for us happy to share views.” – Matin Loat, MD , Propeller PR | Internet | Mobile