Project consultancy

There are 5 natural places where organisations create more rapid change, bigger & more integrated ideas. These are crisis, launches, pitches, legal changes and changes in senior management. These 5 areas share 5 things they have in common.

  1. The brief is more considered and thoroughly researched.
  2. The organisation tends to be braver.
  3. The company doesn’t work in silos.
  4. Senior management are involved at start and end of a project.
  5. There is a fixed deadline that doesn’t move.

Maverick Planet seizes upon these elements in how it manages consultancy for a client. It takes on a core project component and executes it to a deadline. Integrated and team based consultancy are leveraged using the presure of key deadlines. Decision points are structured into what it calls a Christmas tree process. A problem is then laterally and rapidly opened into insight and ideas and closed into actionable solutions.