Extended platform promotions & partnerships

Many concepts, business models & ideas can extend beyond the realm of just the brand in question. In today’s world this is immensely important as a way of extending the budgets delivery – but also of increasing the impact, reach or credibility of a brand and idea. There is a real need to develop concepts that look to be initiated or accelerated by concepts such as crowd sourcing, co-creations, content partnerships etc. Maverick Planet has built up the concept of EPP’s (Extended Platform Promotions) as part of its outputs to execute for clients. It facilitates introductions to other businesses. In addition to developing the concepts either as a consultant or when facilitating a brainstorm, Maverick Planet also actively develops and facilitates partnership meetings and negotiations for its clients.

“Mark’s valuable and rapid insight into the childrens’ media landscape demonstrated the scope and potential for our title. It enabled us to quickly zero in on the appropriate market entry strategy and commence seeking the right partner” – Declan Moore, Publisher, National Geographic