Some past. Most present. All repeat.

David Kershaw – Chief Executive, M&C Saatchi plc

"We appointed Maverick Planet to moderate a complex and potentially very difficult process. This involved a number of senior business heads all of whom brought strong views and prejudices to the sessions. Maverick Planet managed to provoke a high level of creative and lateral thinking from the group and certainly stimulated the participants to stretch their thinking and ideas. Most importantly, having opened things up, it was very disciplined in pulling the thinking back together into a coherent but innovative strategy which is now being executed. I would not hesitate to recommend him as a facilitator for any such exercise.”
  • Declan Moore – Publisher, National Geographic Magazine

    “Mark has expert knowledge of the rapidly evolving media marketplace and knows the right people to engage with at all the major players. He is at the forefront of emerging marketing and content delivery platforms and can not only articulate what the vision could/should be, but also the tactical steps to achieve it, and the milestones to be laid down for monitoring progress. He is able to challenge conventional thinking, so prevalent in many major corporations, and secure buy-in from all the stakeholders. No hesitation in recommending his services.”

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  • Sean Montgomery – Managing Director, Ten Nine

    “We are a new and developing media company. We have a unique product. We do posters in schools and the Head Teachers get to decide what ads are acceptable. Mark worked with us to help develop our positioning, proposition and our key prospects. He produced a 10 page document that I still carry round in my brief case. He challenged us to have brand behaviour and play on our ethical advertising credentials. It has been fantastic glue and the brand names we are now attracting are things I would never have dreamed. Many the first time in any media.”

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  • Simon Oldfield – Sales & Marketing Director, Vauxhall

    "Mark Palmer is one of the most original and stimulating professionals I have ever known. He brings boundless energy,clarity and insight to any topic and is not constrained by traditional, narrow definitions of media and marketing. His breadth of experience of the market today and, more importantly, how it is likely to be tomorrow, makes him a powerful change agent. He communicates ideas and plans within the context of sound commercial principles and is not afraid to 'tell it how it is' to the highest levels in organisations in language that they find both refreshing and appealing.''

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  • Charlie Crowe – Chief Executive, C Squared, Publisher of M & M Europe

    "Mark chaired one of the main panel discussions at the IAA Advertising Summit, an event my company produces. Even though I denied him the luxury of a long perod of time to prepare, he knew his subject backwards and was diligent in contacting the panelists before the event and was even more courteous in thanking them a few days after the conference. He managed to give everyone their say and guided everyone's right of reply. He brought to the session the exact balance of gravitas, provocation and humour."

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  • Phil Georgiardis – Chairman, Blue 449

    “It is well chronicled that media agencies are operating in a rapidly changing and ever fragmenting media world. Meeting the challenges that this world presents requires the application of broad based media experience. Mark Palmer has such experience. There are times when his contribution, either as a facilitator or a contributor, to strategy sessions can be a highly effective way of stretching our thinking. There is no substitute for experience, and it certainly doesn’t come in black boxes!”

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  • Jo Willacy – Commercial Director, Eurotunnel

    "Working with Mark Palmer is so refreshing, and reminds me that work can be both challenging and fun. Mark has such a depth of experience and ability to quickly understand business issues that he can suggest insightful and often very creative solutions."

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  • Mark Howe – Managing Director, Google Advertising EMEA

    “I have worked with Mark Palmer & Maverick Planet for 10 years & over that time he has shown a great understanding of Google's business & that of the Market we operate in. The resulting work has helped us shape our commercial thinking & our customer service behaviour & strategy. I highly recommend him as an advocate for change in a digital world.”

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  • Paul Goode – Commercial Director, Comscore

    “Hugely passionate and informed about all things media. Impatient at the inefficiencies that still exist and can articulate a clear path to fix them. Has repeatedly given me insight into the bigger picture in a way that has help to drive my immediate decisions. Without doubt, one of the good guys.”

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  • Richard Hartell – Global Head of Transformation, Starcom MediaVest Group

    “There are not many people who can say you have worked with in your career who have the status of guru but Mark is one of them. He has the intellect and experience of a veteran combined with the creativity and curiosity of a child - a really potent mix. I've worked with him on several projects which he approached in very different ways but always with the same outcome - a creative and challenging perspective. I would recommend Mark to work on any project.”

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