Recent work

Global repositioning of the audience proposition for a major media brand.

The re-interpretation of existing research and the development of a lateral new approach in a behavioural research study led to a fundamental change in the brand proposition. This fed into facilitated workshops. Soon the concept was living and breathing in sales pitches, marketing materials, events and new company behaviour.

360 degree dimensionalisation of a major FMCG global brand platform.

This new concept had great potential, but the development of creative solution and commmunication platform for its launch had stalled. A series of workshops juxtaposed scientists with creatives and complete outsiders. Completely new stimulus was used. Within 3 weeks a 360 degree proposition was agreed. This led to further new products and a dramatic shift in how the new concept would be launched globally.

Change Facilitation via the moderation of a major retailer and its agencies.

Four days of moderation workshops and interpretation fundamentally broke the inertia that existed and the habits that resided in the unspoken old business model. In six weeks, this led to a presentation to the Chief Executive. Objective: to challenge and re-evaluate their perspective on communication and marketing models needed for consumer purchasing, brand and media behaviour in a digital age. Outputs included a major piece of qualitative research, an internal restructuring, a fundamental change to their process for developing business/communication propositions and a fundamental redesign of the stores brand and consumer proposition.

Re-defining and examining potential brand extensions.

Lateral stretch of brand’s footprint. This took the brand to a new audience. This was researched commercially and then closed down to key concept areas. Key hypothesis were developed for progression. The brand extension is now successfully launched.

Development of mobile advertising strategy and its business implications.

An internal change strategy project that has seen an operator evolve to become a media owner. This work began as a “think-piece” for the Chairman and has developed into a core business area for the company’s future. This was then converted into identified key target projects and areas for change and execution. The progression of which is ongoing and has now extended to be industry wide.

Training in equity building and integrated communications for global client brand leaders and their agency teams.

Re-training of global brand leaders in the briefing and development of equity building integrated communication. The training was actioned on the top 5 global initiatives. Live briefs and new approaches to developing insights, ideas and outputs were worked through with their international ad, media and PR agencies. Running of a client output seminar to kick start the development of a fresh approach to creating integrated communication ideas.

Industry benchmarking of sales force change.

A major organisation in a technological business was perceived to have negative perception issues among buyers versus its competitors. The engineering cultural of the business meant that the management tended to dismiss such matters as anecdotal and secondary to the performance of its product offering. The issue was reframed for them through the introduction of an annual competitive benchmark survey of their performance versus competitors on a number of dimensions. This effectively quantified what they saw previously as a “soft” target and provided clear areas to focus on and a quantified base to measure improvement. This methodology is in the process of being rolled out across the business into other markets and forms a key input into their annual business development and training programme.

Creation of re-training programme for a major media owner’s sales force.

Objective was to make the sales force more open-minded and familiar with requirements of clients and agency planners. Developed the concept of “Learning Planning as a foreign language”, an ongoing training programme which includes key skills seminars, online teach in “quiz”. It culminates in a practical planning exercise with a pitch.

Redefine the marketing approach to building personal taxation business for an international accountancy company.
They had become institutionalised in their approach to marketing. Maverick Planet moderated a session to identify a fresh view on their business and their brand assets with their staff. It then developed an outside perspective on the market from consumer needs and media coverage. Ownership of ” property abroad” was developed as a “com-cept” area of high customer interest. A new product and marketing platform is being developed which turns the historic approach to their business on its head.