2 responses to “The 3rd way to innovation”

  1. The Idea Hunter (Greavsie)

    Deadlines will always focus the mind and the project. Unless, of course you are so “P” that the wonderful Douglas Adam quote applies. “I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.”.

    Worth checking out the thoughts of Seth Godin whose many books touch on this and many other things besides. His latest book (I’m only halfway through it) is Poke the Box. In it he works very hard to convince people that the most important quality today is to be an initiator. Overcome inertia, abandon the status quo, etc. All inspirational reading but how well does it sit with staunch P preferences. He’s launched the related Domino Project. Trying to alter the way books (or the content) is made available to more people. Tying in with another post it would certainly get Mark Twain clicking. Not sure he’d twitter though!